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RSVP Extensions is a Chicago-based hair extension line founded by hairstylist LaBriana Holmes, and long-time friend and client Connie Stanley. Frustrated with having to wait 5-7 business days to receive quality hair extensions in the mail, the dynamic duo decided to team up to offer Bri’s clients both Indian and Brazilian extensions to purchase at the time of their appointment. After building a rapport of quality hair and superior customer service with Bri’s clients, the two have decided to expand their services to the Chicagoland area by delivering RSVP Extensions straight to your front door. 
RSVP would like for its customers to know Connie & Bri on a more personal level. We want them to feel comfortable with asking us questions about hair, and to satisfy their needs on a very personal level. We want to engage our customers and be their #1 go to brand for questions about all of their hair extension needs.

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Constance Stanley



LaBriana Holmes


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